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Hole by Hole guide

Welcome to Dromoland Castle Golf Club

Hole by hole guide

Our Ron Kirby designed championship course measures 6,824 yards for Men and 5,242 for Ladies. See the Hole By Hole fly by footage of the course as it sweeps through 450 acres of shady woodland, open rolling pasture and feral lakes & streams.

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HOLE 1 – 378 Yards – Par 4

Hole 1

From the first tee you are looking at Orchard Woods to your right. You will be playing uphill with the fairway sloping sharply to the right.

At the landing area players should favour the higher left side of the fairway on the Tee shot.

The green has been placed at the top of the hill and is very receptive to run up shots or high lofted shots. The green shape provides for friendly pin placements and the back right putting surfaces will provide the challenge to this hole.

This hole has no bunkers as hazards- the sloping fairway and uphill grade gives us a nice opening hole.

HOLE 2 – 457 Yards – Par 4

Hole 2

A reverse of the standing hole, here we have a friendly down hill Tee shot where the slope feeds the ball out to the left and opens the visibility to the green.

The first fairway bunker at 185 yards carry from back Tees, sets up the direction for the player. The left side of the fairway is the prime landing zone.

The approach shot to the green is long and demanding. Two bunkers along the left side should show you that the right side to green is the perfect line.

A large reoan type green is bunkered left side and continues around the back of the green to contain any balls long and left.

HOLE 3 – 197 Yards – Par 3

Hole 3

A slight up hill long par 3 hole.

The Green is set into trees and shaped with a longer back right challenge area.

The Green side bunker on your left is to direct players away from entrance road that skirts along the fairway.

This is a strong one shot hole from the back tee and friendly from the forward tee positions.

HOLE 4 – 469 Yards – Par 5

Hole 4

This hole has been extended to a Par 5. Playing with a steady uphill grade, the new Tees set up a tight Tee shot over a low valley area – One fairway bunker on your left side is out of Tee shot range for average players but defines the left side limits of the fairway.

Your tee shot is critical to success on this hole.

The approach to the green is set up with a low swale across the front and a deep green side bunker protects the left half of the green.

Generally this should play as a friendly three shot hole, but as we know, golf is not a game of generalities!!

HOLE 5 – 412 Yards – Par 4

Hole 5

A nest of short fairway bunkers on the right side set up the Tee shot for this hole.

A 200 yard carry will open up a receptive second shot to a well bunkered green. The right side of the green is the friendly entrance.

The fairway slopes right to left so that tee shots on the left side have the difficult approach.

A well defended green and tight pin positions will provide the challenge to par on this hole.

HOLE 6 – 593 Yards – Par 5

Hole 6

Fairway mounds and a bunker on the left side approximately 250 Yards out, set up the landing area to the right along the trees. A second fairway bunker and low valley on the right side direct the player to the left side trees. This sets up the approach shot for this three shot hole.

The Tee shot rises slightly and then the hole is down hill all the way to a very sculptured green. Three green side bunkers set up a difficult angle of approach.

The green is framed by forest affording the perfect target shot, or some searching moments in sylvan settings!!

The back right pin position will be the tough one and test all approach shots.

HOLE 7 – 179 Yards – Par 3

Hole 7

A fantastic “calendar” hole.

This scenic downhill Par 3 has everything anyone could ask for in a golf hole: Large lake vista with Dromoland Castle as a background, well shaped green with green side bunker on the right and a feature pond short and left of the green.

Three Tee levels give the golfer a choice of challenging shots plus the most spectacular views of the lake and castle.

Do not be fooled, this hole is a real teaser!!

HOLE 8 – 407 Yards – Par 4

Hole 8

A great driving hole.

Your tee shot is from an elevated tee area to a friendly right side slope and receptive landing area. Feature trees on your left side provide the challenge for this Par four hole.

The approach to the green is open on the right and the green has two levels. Three greenside bunkers protect the raised part on the left.

Any long approach shots over this green will be collected in a deep grass hollow.

HOLE 9 – 323 Yards – Par 4

Hole 9

“This is Dromoland’s Belfry No.10”

The short Par 4 has the choice of two options. You may play it as a two shot hole; This approach makes for a sharp dogleg right over a feature pond protecting the small green.

Otherwise, take a gamble and choose the option of going for the green from the Tee shot.

(A 300 yard carry from the back Tee) A 275 yard carry from the middle tee. The pond is the feature that sets up the challenge on this hole. The green is small but shaped to hold the approach shots.

Your efforts after the first nine may be rewarded by a quick visit to the Clubhouse!

HOLE 10 – 355 Yards – Par 4

Hole 10

A short but intimidating hole. Look out for the Dromoland Ducks crossing the road to the lake edge!

The play is over a part of the lake from the back tee. The visitor’s tee box is set just off the lake and the fairway runs along the water edge to the green which has been moved more to the right to accentuate the difficulty of the hole.

The green is gentle and friendly and should give the player a comfort hole to start the inward nine holes.

The marsh area has been extended across and in front of the green. This is the major feature of the second and third shots. A large greenside bunker is located on the left to penalise the bailout shots away from the marsh.

HOLE 11 – 543 Yards – Par 5

Hole 11

The Tee shot for this Par 5 is a risk & reward type decision. The player that bites off more carry to the right over the marsh area will be rewarded with a much shorter second & third shot. The challenge off the Tee is from 150 Yards of carry to 300 Yards of carry. Each player can select his own line to carry the marsh.

The marsh area is a special area of conservation & carries with it a two penalty Should you be unfortunate enough to loose the gamble & place a ball in the marsh. The average player should aim to trust their usual game & not make undue demands on the tee shot! The average second shot will play just short of the marsh area in front of the green. A bunker is located on the fairway side to contain running balls from entering the marsh.

A large contoured green awaits the player & two putts will be a good result on this green. A Par 5 with choice & challenge.

HOLE 12 – 411 Yards – Par 4

Hole 12

This is a new construction at Dromoland. The trees are set out as islands in the marsh and play back out from the lake area to a gently rolling fairway that rises up to a small style target green.

Playing from the marsh the Tee shot is a bit of a breather with a generous landing area.

The approach shot will need accuracy in length and direction to this small target.

A good chance for a Birdie on this hole.

HOLE 13 – 158 Yards – Par 3

Hole 13

One of the fun type Par three holes!!

Short and downhill with a natural stream across the hole and a culvert in parallel to add to the test.

A large ash tree is just off the putting surface to the left and the green is surrounded with sand bunkers.

Finesse is the type of shot required here not brut force. Patience on the tee will be rewarded later!

HOLE 14 – 442 Yards – Par 4

Hole 14

The extended new Tee area back over the stream has given the golf course a very demanding long Par four hole.

New fairway bunkers are located 235 yards short right and 260 yards long left. These bunkers define the landing area for the long uphill approach shot.

The green is protected on the left front with a small pot bunker and the right side there is a friendly grass hollow.

The green has three levels to provide the flattest and easiest putting surfaces for this tough Par 4.

HOLE 15 – 273 Yards – Par 4

Hole 15

This short Par four has qualities like the ninth hole where the player has the option to go for the green and have a putt for eagle.

The length of carry to the putting surface is only 250 Yards. However the green is not easy to land on and stay from the angle of the trees to the green.

A much safer two shot hole is to play out to the left 200Yards and then pitch into the green using the long open approach.

A fun hole, not difficult but a chance for eagle before the strong last 3 holes.

HOLE 16 – 439 Yards – Par 4

Hole 16

We took two holes to create this strong Par 4. Using the flat riverside area
for the new fairway the hole plays with the river on the left and then crosses the river to an uphill green site. The Tee shot is set up by the big tree at 200 Yards in the centre of the fairway and the short fairway bunker 190 Yards on the right side. Any Tee shot carrying the bunker is in the prime spot.

Tee shots to the left of the tree are risky if long because of the river on the left. This will be a tough Par 4 and an easy Bogie 5. With the river crossing 100 Yards in front of the green it may be a lay up shot required if the tee shot does not get to the prime landing area.

The green is protected short right with a deep bunker and two smaller bunkers on the left side of the green. Pars on this hole will be earned and remembered.

HOLE 17 – 225 Yards – Par 3

Hole 17

This Par 3 has length, natural beauty and a great green site.

It is a strong demanding hole with only a small chance for recovery if a wayward shot is played.

The marsh and green site were features in place before construction of this hole and the results of shaping the green, exposing the water feature and marsh have given the course a great Par three seventeenth hole.

Like the 16th hole pars here will be earned and remembered.

HOLE 18 – 563 Yards – Par 5

Hole 18

With the Lake and Castle as given features the eighteenth hole was developed into one of the fine Par 5 finish holes in golf.

A tee shot from the marsh along the lake to a generous fairway is the start of this long Par 5. Cutting the comer is a possible way of messing up this hole. The open save carry is best for most players.

The second shot is long and scenic. The large sycamore tree is the line on the castle. The carry to the big sequoia tree is 240 Yards from the prime landing area.

From the large sycamore tree the player has 100 Yards left to the very contoured green, which protrudes to the front left with a deep bunker. A definite three shot hole for most players and as with holes 16 & 17, a Par here will be earned and remembered.

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